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What is the space requirement for indoor events?
The canopy & booth require a 5'x7' area; props can be set up on one or two tables, depending on the size of event.

What kind of power is required?
1 standard 120V outlet is required.

What's included in the price?
Please see our rates page (click here) for inclusions.

What is open air?
Photobooth set-up without the canopy, which can include a large backdrop, or use natural surroundings as the background.

Will there be an attendant on site at all times?
Yes, a representative will stay with the photobooth for the duration of the event.

Do I have a choice of backdrops, templates & fonts?
Yes, we will meet with you to discuss the various options available and will customize the experience according to your individual needs and desires.

Are props included in the price?
Yes, we have a wide variety of wigs, hats, glasses, masks, boas, accessories and jewelry suitable for adults and children.

How much time is required for set-up and take-down?
Approx. 45 minutes for set-up and approx. 30 minutes for take-down.

How do I reach someone if I need more information?
Please call us at 604.836.7198 or
e-mail sales@littleblackboxphotobooth.ca.
We'd love to hear from you!